Jeremy Roenick om sin ishockeyuppväxt

I didn’t have a childhood as much as I had a hockey road trip. [—] Everything in the Roenick household was scheduled around my hockey career, for better or worse. When I was 13 and living in Virginia, it cost my parents $25,000 for me to play with the New Jersey Rockets. Because it was a 250-mile trip, they would put me on a People’s express flight from Dulles airport to Newark every Friday. On some weekend road trips, we would drive through the night, and I wouldn’t arrive home until an hour or two before dawn. A couple hours later, we would start the entire process all over again. Was that insane behavior, because my parents understood that I had gifts that would allow me to be a star in my sport? Those are challenging questions to answer. I respect my parents for pushing me to be the best I could be, but I also resent them for not allowing me to be a kid sometimes. 


Källa: Jeremy Roenick & Kevin Allen (2015). Shoot First, Pass Later: My Life, No Filter. Triumph Books: Chicago, Ill. E-Book, s. 164-165.

Tobias Stark

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